Vestígios de Noiva - Traço nove

Do you need to own? To possess? To show? To exhibit? Do you need because you want? Or maybe just because? Because everybody has one? Or because no one has it for to long? Do you need it to prove that you can? Or to be sure that you can't either? Do you need to say the I do? Or because saying I love you it's not enough for you anymore? Do you need it because he demands it or because she can't wait no more? So you can hear some uau, oh? Hum, uouww, ai, ai, huuuummm? Oh yes, yes, yes, more, more, more, uhhhhh? You really need that safeguard, the assurance that you are two? Do you need and you are not sure why? Because you're tired to fill in the Single box? So you wouldn't die alone? To define yourself? So you'll always be plus one? You're looking for that stability no matter what the statistics say?
But if you really need something go out and buy it, in your size and measure so you don't have to worry.

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